Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kitzalp Bike Marathon, Austria

2nd at Kitzalp this weekend confirmed that I have good form and have timed the training well for the Marathon World Championships next weekend. As has Mannie who finished just behind me, really showing his expeirence in these mountains. I had good legs the whole race and was climbing well considering all my travelling this week and adaptions that I had to make. 88km with nearly 4000m of climbing proved too brutal for most, but not Paez who won the race with a record time. So all in all an awesome result for the "Africans".


THE VIKING said...

Well done buddy good luck for this week.Say howzit to Frischy for me.Ill see you on the podium on weekend Cheers

Greg aka Egbert Gerryts said...

Awesome!!! nice 2nd place there buddy. Weldone and goodluck for next weekend!!!

Greg aka Egbert Gerryts said...

Hey if anybody is looking for the result I found them here: