Saturday, September 20, 2008

2008 National Road Selection

So based on my road performances throughout the year, and a successful Ireland and Britain, I have been selected for the National Road Team, to race the World Championships in Varesse, Italy. This will be a first for me and I’m really excited that I’ve been given the opportunity to compete in another World Championships this year.
This should be exciting but also rather tough, racing over 260km against the fastest riders in the world! So needless to say I was only home for 4days after the last trip, and now I’m off again. Didn’t get too much time in on the bike at home, rather caught up on my parenting skills which evidently need some work!
So off to Italy tonight, hopefully we will have some affordable internet there and I can keep you updated. Till then, hasta la pasta.

Tour of Britain

Yes, this update is about a week behind, but for those who haven't seen any results, Team MTN put in a really good performance at the Tour of Great Britain. Up against quite a few of the biggest Pro-Tour Teams in the world, we managed to finish 7th in the team competiton, only a few seconds behind Barloworld. DG was top on GC in 15th, I managed 19th after loosing some time in the final few kilometeres of the second day which proved to be the decisive stage for the GC contenders. Other than that all I can say is wow, we averaged an unbelievable 43km/hr for the 1100km we raced all around the country! To be mixing it with the best in the world was a fantastic experience and one where I gained a serious amount of "road knowledge", to be put to futher use still this season. (checknext update)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Tour of Ireland

Hi there, well bouncing around from hotel to hotel after racing 200km stages and still trying to find time to log onto the net is almost impossible. At the moment we in Britain waiting for the Tour of Britain which starts on Sunday. This week we've had time to use the net, but dam it's expensive this side! Will try give a comprehensive update on Ireland later today, possibly with some pics. The team had a super tour and racing with the "big boys" was fun. DG was second in the mountains comp, while I managed to sneak a 10th on GC. Not bad for the MTB rider gone "roadie".
Till later.