Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tour of Britain

Yes, this update is about a week behind, but for those who haven't seen any results, Team MTN put in a really good performance at the Tour of Great Britain. Up against quite a few of the biggest Pro-Tour Teams in the world, we managed to finish 7th in the team competiton, only a few seconds behind Barloworld. DG was top on GC in 15th, I managed 19th after loosing some time in the final few kilometeres of the second day which proved to be the decisive stage for the GC contenders. Other than that all I can say is wow, we averaged an unbelievable 43km/hr for the 1100km we raced all around the country! To be mixing it with the best in the world was a fantastic experience and one where I gained a serious amount of "road knowledge", to be put to futher use still this season. (checknext update)

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