Thursday, July 3, 2008

Training Austrian Altitude

When an Austrian tells you we go make an easy ride, don't follow them, unless you don't mind 2000m vertical climbing in an easy 60km loop! The training has been good and the altitude adaption is fine, whats been hard is adapting to the after 12 in the afternoon schedule. As we only race at midday on Saturday, I've been doing all my training the past ten days in the afternoon, by this time my normal body routine is sleeping! Anyway, the Hotel Wiltschnig has been really good to me, best home preperation for the big day! Will let you know how it goes..


Greg aka Egbert Gerryts said...

Just going to miss your race. Going to be in Klagenfurt for Ironman arriving 9th and leaving 20th. Might try and watch 2 stages of the Tour D France.

Good Luck for the race!!!!

THE VIKING said...

Hey buddy you go out there and show them what you made of.Will be holding thumbs just go out and enjoy Hasta la pasta