Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Six weeks later...

Its been 6 weeks since my broken collarbone in the Cape Epic, and finally I’m off and heading out racing again. The past couple weeks I’ve managed to get in some good training, and I guess, this weekend coming, we’ll be able to see how I’ve done and where I am with my shape.

Team360Life has been rolling along a little slower than normal as we’ve readjusted our race program and build up to World Marathon Champs.

Dave managed to get a second place at the Karkloof Festival a few weeks ago, and last week he won the Dirtopia Mountain Bike Race, essentially one of the selection races for World Champs.

I managed to finally get back to a race, albeit only South Western District Road Champs in Oudtshoorn, it was a good start to get the tempo up and th feel for racing again.

We have a really busy schedule ahead of now. Ironically, my first mountain bike race, is going to be where I rode my last one, as Team360 heads back to Tulbach for the fifth race in the MTN Ultra marathon series. The race will be important for Dave as he has already won the first race and was second at the next, giving him a good shot at the overall title by the end of the season. I’ll use the race to build some form, help Dave where I can, and hopefully get through this time, in one pieceJ

The following week we will head off to Sani2C, where we will try defend our title we won together in 2009. As BOE is the presenting sponsor there, we plan to make ourselves fully accessible to everyone doing the race, and will be camping at the village. It will be great fun to have our boss competing in his first race also in Team360 colours!

We then go home for a few days before we depart for Europe, and our build up to World Champs, kicking off with Trans Germany. But I will update more about this trip at a later stage.

Let me just get through Tulbach and see the back of this town first!

Till later,

Hasta la pasta

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