Sunday, May 29, 2011

Europe here comes 360Life!

Team 360life will depart this evening for a month in Europe, with the aim at better preparing ourselves to European racing for the upcoming Marathon World Championships in Italy.

We will race the TransGermany, starting on Wednesday, which is an individual 4stage race.
We then move north for two big one day ultra marathons, the Willingen Bike Festival, and the Black Forest Ultra Marathon.
Then we head south to Italy for the Marathon World Champs in Montebulluno, Italy, where another challenging race awaits us.
We will have John Hooper, our physio/soigneur joining us for the month, plus additional help that side from mechanics who have worked with us before.
We wil try keep you up to speed, either via the blog, or our twitter feeds, @kevinevansracin and @davegeorge101.
Thanks again to Nedbank's 360Life, we have this amazing opportunity to reach for our dreams.

We will fly the flag proudly!

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