Friday, November 7, 2008

Chandelier Drifter and Mondi Addo challenge

Ok so I'm about two weeks behind, but herewith a quick update...The Chandelier Drifter went well, with a win there, will be enough to give me the overall series for a 4th consecutive season, and a great way to finish off my year. With the last Drifter this weekend in Howick, not much can change in the overall, looks like another one two in the series for MTN Cycling. Last weekend Dave and I took the wives and the Ruby away to the Addo park where we took part in there new race. The race was really tough and with no training for 10 days, I managed to finish second, not bad considering John-Lee Augustyn was there and my form was out the window. We did however see the big five and Ruby came to her first race! I'm contemplating going to the Hell and back this weekend, kind of expected for me to be there... let me see if the weather clears first!

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