Sunday, May 11, 2008

SA Road champs

It was my second road championships today and I managed to have an awsome ride. The MTN team went in with a plan, we stuck to it and paid off. We forced a split in the gutters after 60km and that was the selection for the day done. We then just wore the rest of the riders down and I managed to stay in with last guys, going to the line. In the end, Ian Mcleod won, Waylon Woolcock 2nd, DG 3rd and myself 4th. the winning time was 4hrs50 and the three of us were 9 seconds off Ian. Next in was about 4minutes behind us but there were only 14 riders able to finish the 185km course today. I reckon it was the wind that played the biggest factor today however.
BNow for some awesome rest! Later.

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Chris said...

You are a machine. Well done. See you in town soon.