Saturday, July 14, 2012

Knysna Oyster Festival

Pic that Dave George took, thinks it sums up my race.

Knysna Oyster Festival, 75km, 1600m

So with the structure of the race calendar this year, and our next big focus around September and October, World Championships in October, Dave and I had only really resumed our base training over the last two weeks. Having said this, it meant that on the day, I would take a fair bit of strain over the course, which is one of my favorites. Luckily our Junior James had just returned from his successful World Cup stint in the US and would be with us to fly the team flag in the front of the race.

The race starts with the Simola climb, and Bonitas rider Darren Lill set the tempo. He has great form and will be leaving shortly for another European trip of racing in two weeks with the team. I could not match the tempo, and settled into my own pace. My head was way in front of my body as I watched the lead group of four riders get a gap on us. I knew James was with them and that he could match the intensity being set out. All I could do from here was follow the wheels of the second group, and enjoy my ride around the forests of Knysna.

I cant comment on what happened at the front of the race, but James rode an awesome race to finish second to Darren, and ahead of the two RE:CM riders. Having finished second in this race no less than six times, it seems I have already taught the ‘Junior’ well!

Next up will be a good solid block of training for three weeks, before we head off to Tour de Tuli with sponsors, and then National Marathon Championships in late August.
Till then,

Kevin Evans


Provisional results: MTB
1st Darren Lill (Bonitas) 2hrs40
2nd James Reid (Nedbank Team360life)
3rd Waylon Woolcock (RE:CM)

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