Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Epic Crash Report

There are no words really to describe the emotions I’ve been through in the last 48hrs. If I ever said that the Cape Epic is an emotional roller coaster ride, then this year is by far the ‘grandest’ roller coaster of them all.
We were hoping to make this our year. We had everything in place, the best support crew,the best equipment, the best sponsors, and some of the best form all of which is needed to be successful in winning this race. And in the blink of an eye, all dreams and aspirations were shattered.

To clear up any confusion around the crash, here it is from me:
It was simply a problem with the disc pads that we changed the night before the stage. On the steep descends, the aluminium rotors were overheating and causing the brakes to ‘fade’ and loose power. On the steepest descend on the stage, 25km into the race, I had too much speed to slow down and knew I was heading for a crash. All things considering, I think I was fairly lucky, as I crashed in a very hectic corner. Helmet completely smashed and I could have been so much worse!
Immediately I knew that I had sustained a serious injury as I felt my shoulder and could feel the bone was broken. I got back on the bike and rode down to the next turn where there were two marshals. At this point Dave was ahead of me, and I quickly un-zipped my jersey and asked the marshal to have a look and confirm if it was broken. I felt like could go on, and didn’t want to stop the race, especially as the adrenalin was kicking and I had no initial pain. The marshal lifted my arm and we heard a crack, confirming the break. He called the ambulance who came to fetch me and take me away.
I shared some tears on Dave’s shoulder when he came back to see what had happened, the heart ache immense.
So much effort, time, commitment, everything just gone in a second.

I was taken back to Vincent Pallotti Hospital, where Dr. Solomon had put a plate and screws into my shoulder ten years ago. As he knew hat had been done previously, he knew what would ned to be done second time round. The old plate an screws removed, replaced by a new one with a few more screws.

I still believe everything happens for a reason, and although this is a major setback for me, I have so much to be grateful for, that I can only but smile:
I have sponsors that are again at my hospital bed one hundred percent behind me.
I have Dave as a team mate who is always supporting and remains focused and positive,
I have my family who love and support me through all the highs and lows.

No matter what you think, it can always be worse, so I’ll take it on the chin, heal up fast, and be back and strong, hungry as ever!

Thanks to everyone for your support, I’ll be back, again.


Shane said...

Hey Kev;

Real pity. I must say my boys and I were on the single track on Sunday and you guys were going like the we had very high hopes for you...
My little fella's probably saved a few collar bones on that bit of track shouting "Stay Right"...
Get better soon and back on the bike...

Shane, Matt and Jules.

Rory van Zyl said...

Bad luck Kevin! Rest up, I look forward to seeing you back on the bike.

Rig said...

After this huge setback and heart ache, and you can still "keep your chin up" and say that you're a lucky man!! So much respect for you kevin, true legend and inspiration!! Cant wait to see you back on the front end of the race!! Metal is stronger than bone, you'll come out better after the recovery!! haha
Good luck man..

Roger said...

Tough luck Kevin. It could have happened to anyone in the race. All the best for the future. Hope you heal well.