Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Circuito Montanes

Stage 6: Torrelavega-Santo Toribio143.6km, ascent = 32.2km**@27.5k - Cat 2, 6.8km climb@57.9k - Cat 3, 4km climb@82.6k - Cat 1, 5.0km climb@99.5km - Cat 2, 5.9km climb@114.1k - Cat 1, 8.4km climb@14.6k - Cat 2, 2.1km climb

Stage 6 of the tour was always on paper the hardest looking stage of the tour. The paper proved correct as we ascended the most on the stage compared to the others.
I had big problems with my engine in the first 20km and the pace of the bunch was really urgent as certain riders were still in contention to win the tour.
After fighting my way back in the convoy, we began the “assaults” of the climbs, and slowly my legs came back.
I managed stay with the main bunch through the first three categorized climbs, and on the fourth one, the relentless pace was too much and I could only ride my own tempo. By the top was with the “grupetto” for the day as we climbed steady and conservatively. The race was over for the guys in this group and Jaco and I finished together in this group, loosing about 17minutes to Niels Alberts (BK-CP) 2009 cyclocross world champion.
Stof proved sheer determination and will to get through yesterdays queen stage loosing only 28minutes to Alberts. With todays stage being the last and also “flattest’, we are hoping that the Stof has some sprinting legs left to try go for the stage win. The only obstacle will be to keep the initial start speed of the bunch together as guys rip the race to pieces to force breaks away early on. With shattered legs, making one of these breaks is really difficult, but let us see what happens!
Last stage starts at 13:30.
Hasta la venga.