Monday, August 11, 2008

No rest just yet!

So life goes on and the training continues. I'm busy preparing for the two tours the MTN road team will compete in at the end of the month. The team will race in the Tour of Ireland followed by the Tour of Britain. The events are UCI 2.1's and will feature some of the top Protour teams. So I will have to work on my speed and endurance and try and carry my form over to these two events. It's an awesome chance for me to get some valuable "Tour" expeirence as I try further my road career. If the team can do well at these, it may open the doors for some more invitations next year.
All the while my wife is into her last 10days of the pregnancy and looking swell, I mean well! Ruby will be a new challenge in our lives that we are really looking forward to! Anyway, got to go train again, till later, Hasta la pasta!

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